New York Style makes it easy for local groups to raise money.  We have 3 options to make your fundraising easy.  Choose an option and call me.

The first one is getting 15% back on everything you spend (less tax and gratuity).  The more you eat the bigger the treat.

Follow these simple rules.

  1. Reserve a date.  Contact Vivian @ 250-585-0265 and reserve a date for your fundraiser.
  2. Distribute the fundraiser flyer or cards.
  3. Be sure to publicize your event.
  4. Guests need the flyer or card to receive 15%.  Remind everyone that they need to bring flyer or card to the restaurant the night of your fundraiser.  They must give the flyer to the server.    New York Style will donate 15% off each check to your organization.  Allow 7 business days to receive your 15% check.

The second way is to sell New York Style Gift Certificates
Give each person or student a form that we supply for you.  You suggest how many certificates they must sell.  Suggest at least 2 or more. The student gets the name, address and phone number and the $25.00 for each Gift Certificate sold.

They hand you the money and the list.

  1. You call us and we will have the gift certificates ready for you.  You pay us $20.00 for each gift certificate sold.  You keep $5.00.  No waiting for your donation. You then give out the gift certificates or you mail out the gift certificates.

The third way is to sell take n' bake pizza coupons and New York Style gift certificates.

  1. We give you the forms and you distribute them to your students or club members.
  2. The students or club members sell the coupons and gift certificates at full price.
  3. You take off the discount and write us a check for the discounted price.  You don't have to wait for your donation.
  4. We then give you the Take n' Bake coupons and gift certificates.

We like to support local groups or students for all their fundraising.  We have made it easy to fundraise. You don't have to wash cars or buy up excess chocolate bars when you do not sell your candy bars.  This cuts into your profit.

Choose New York Style for all your fundraising.

If you are interested in a New York Style Pizza fundraiser give us a call Vivian 250.585.0265 for more information









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